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What are people watching?

Person of Interest: I love Harold, John, and Fusco, don't see nearly enough of Root or Shaw this season, haven't recovered from the loss of Taraji P. Henson (no matter how wonderful the part in Empire is for her, and it is). Camryn Manheim isn't given nearly enough to do for the show's main female character this season (Root's only popping in and out). And I don't see enough of Bear, for that matter. Obviously the show still has me hooked.

Justified: I'll be relieved when it's over, frankly. I love it up until the last season, when the quality just seemed to be in a spiral of kooky characters and the bigger world intruding on Harlan. I hate what Raylan and Boyd are doing with Eva; I feel like the writers have wrangled things to the point where one or the other has broken character to handle her as he has, stealing all the agency she built up after the first season. Rachel is great, probably because the writers have her in a position where they can't screw her up. Mary Steenbergen is just getting in the way, and Winona remains a throwaway.

Gotham: I know. It's bad, it's gritty, all the women but Fish and Cat are plot puppets; the men whip between good/bad and bad/good so fast the viewer gets whiplash, and Jim and young Bruce are so rigid in their view of good and evil that you just want to sock Jim and get Bruce a female role model like a cook or something before he goes completely south. I love Alfred in this light, and oddly, Penguin, and Ed (though his wacko turn in the episode I just watched made me sad). I don't like Cat--like I said, she's a plot puppet like Barbara and Fish, saying whatever the writers want her to say instead of acting like a complete person.

Chicago Fire: You would think, at my age, that I would cease to be a sucker for Dick Wolfe TV, but I'm not. The funny thing is, in this show I don't really like any of the characters for themselves, except the chief, but I love the entire house as an ensemble. I think this is the best united ensemble cast Wolf's people have ever put together, and even when they move people in and out, its integrity holds. I'm fascinated by the workings of the ambulance teams, Squad, and Truck, and the lives of the people who intersect with the firefighters and paramedics. Yes, I wish that one of the top dogs would marry, but I also understand that this is a really hard life for those who live it and those who intersect with it, and it's hard on their relationships as well. And the show is a thrill ride, let's face it.

Orphan Black: now, see, this is why I can tolerate a few shows which short their female characters, because this one is all about a fistful of female characters! They are clones, all splendidly and apparently seamlessly rendered by the superlative Tatiana Maslany and accented by a wonderful cast of men and women, including her gay BMF/foster brother/brother Felix, played so excellently by Jordan Gavaris, her foster mother Mrs. S., and her daughter Kira. They've just introduced a clone line of males this season, who give me the utter creeps, but I'm sure Sarah and her sisters and Felix can handle them. I hope.

The Bletchley Circle: Back during WWII, the Germans had a super code machine called Enigma. One of the biggest secrets of the war was that it wasn't a man who cracked Enigma: it was the women code writer/transmitters who worked at Bletchley Circle. Now the war is over and like Rosie the Riveter, they've put away their rivets--demobilized and been shunted off to girly jobs--until one of them notices a numeric pattern in a series of murders reported in the daily paper. That season covered that case, and the second covers first the murder case in which one of them is locked up and second the murder of a black market goods dealer. The four main women are very different, one a cranky Scot, one a wife and mother who wants to forget what she was, one a cheerful goodtime girl, and one a secretary in Scotland Yard. The men are bluff and uncaring sometimes, kind sometimes, and even attentive, depending on who they are and their relationship to each of the women. It's well worth watching if you like period mysteries (and I do).

So You Think You Can Dance: every summer, and this year it begins June 1st with a new theme, it looks like. I get together with Julie and the Covilles to watch this. We always have our favorite dancers and favorite choreographers--it's a bright spot in every summer! It makes me look at physical activity in different ways, and in the ways dancers can express emotion, too.

Project Runway: this one I watch with Tim and Julie and sometimes my brother-in-law. Again, we have our favorite designers, but we also live for Tim Gunn, Heidi Klum, and Nina Garcia. I have learned such an incredible amount about sewing, clothes, color, and fashion from this show, as well as about human interaction!


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