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TRIGGER WARNING: discussion of rape

Even though rape is what I expected of Sansa's wedding to Ramsey Bolton, reading about it online today tells me that I'm done with the HBO "Game of Thrones," where naked women are draped around like so many shawls, where women are traded like so many baseball cards, and there are scenes like, well, Sansa's wedding night. Danaerys' wedding night. Joffrey's parents. (Still not totes sure about that one, but it's here for those who are.)

And no, those who say "It was really like this," it wasn't like that in the real world. Women were a family's assets--you don't batter or rape an asset unless you're an ill-mannered slug, like the ones we have in the modern world. History is full of women who planned and worked and schemed and were their family's top generals in the battle to survive and climb upward. Men fought for money, but women kept the purse.

Anyway, as I started out to say, io9, as part of the discussion of this episode of "Game of Thrones," posted the eminent John Scalzi's intelligent and sane take on including rape in a story line just to stir things up. Scalzi is not only a fine writer of science fiction with a unique angle (OLD MAN'S WAR was his first novel), but he is one of the most rational (and funny) voices on the interwebs. I share what he has to say here, because I regard his thought processes quite highly, and think you'll like this one.

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Your html for the link isn't quite right. Instead of 'html=//' you need to say 'a href=' At the end of the url, after the >, you need to type in a title or some other text or the link will disappear into the ether. After the title, you need a /a in angle brackets to close the link.

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Here's a working version, for those who need it:

(it also wasn't working, in a different way, over on LJ)

On the other hand...

Date: 2015-05-21 01:42 am (UTC)From: (Anonymous)
This might sound odd, but I do not have that much of a problem with the rape scene. Let me explain, I would have had a problem if they would have romanticized it, or tried to play it down, but I actually appreciate how they portrayed the realism of how horrific rape is, and I think it is good what a strong reaction it is raising in people. I am seeing every where people saying: "That was a terrible scene!" but I would like to hear more discussion on why rape itself is terrible, rather than hearing people diss the show for having included it on its list of horrible things that occur.

Re: On the other hand...

Date: 2015-05-24 05:07 am (UTC)From: (Anonymous)
One of the biggest issues I have with the outrage is that it seems to be blamed solely on the show. The story line they merged with Sanas' has a female character whose only purpose is to be a victim and to give a the male POV character someone to save. She is also treated far worse, and the pages in which she is raped and abused are some of the most disturbing of the series. I'm glad the show is being called out, but it can't be ignored that their inspiration for this scene came from the books. Martin writes amazing women characters, but that doesn't negate some of the problematic themes that still occur in his writing.

In response...

Date: 2015-06-03 03:51 am (UTC)From: (Anonymous)
From what I've seen:

People get all up in arms over the rapes of real-life people...but the problem is, they read about it, maybe say a word, and then its forgotten in a day or two.

It has NO, ZERO, ZILCH personal significance to them, unless they too were a victim.

Then.....here's Game of Thrones. One of the most WATCHED tv shows in America, Britain, and Australia, with being the top most pirated in all three countries.

Here's 5 seasons worth of emotions that viewers have invested into each and every scene that passes before their eyes, cheering on their marked favorite, hoping the Black God doesn't come for those mots and coves.

Then something happens to their character that they've invested so MUCH of their hours in. Something shocking.

And they set up -such- a fuss. Truly, its marked ill, that we would make -such- a fuss over characters that don't exist but on the screen. But it works to our unseen Gods' wills.

As much as it vexes me, as much as it just puts the screws to my head...

I'm grateful that scene was done the way it was. We were spared the sight, but knowing it was full of horror, because our imagination filled it in.

And people are -talking-. Talking about the existence of marital rape, and that YES, YES it exists. Yes, 14 year olds get raped. Yes, these people need somebody to help them, and that out there, in our world, everyday, there is at least 5 children a day surviving unspeakable horrifying sexual slavery. There are at least 2 in 10 women being sexually abused by their spouses. Nobody deserves that. No one.

And I'm grateful. It will be long-talked-about. It will be discussed among people, with those having been abused given an opportunity to speak, should they have the courage. And it takes courage.

Another thing to discuss another day is why do we put so much investment and time into characters that don't breathe the air we do, and not take an interest in those suffering around us. We can do both, so why don't we? So many do one, but neglect the other.


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