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Name:tamora pierce
Birthdate:Dec 13
Location:New York, United States of America
I am a writer primarily of fantasy books for teenagers, with my first novel published in 1982. Like most writers I tried a lot of different kinds of writing before and since then, but fantasy is primarily where I live, with two separate world that I've created. I have been fortunate enough to have found a world-wide audience for my books in the years since my first publication, and all of my books are still in print.

My original home was in Fayette County, southwestern Pennsylvania. We lived there until 1963, moved to the San Francisco CA Bay Area, and returned to Fayette County in 1969. From there I went to the University of Pennsylvania in 1972. I knocked around a bit after college, working on what would become my first quartet of novels, until I moved to New York City, sold the quartet, began to publish, and met the man who is still my husband. After 27 years in Manhattan on my part and 26 years on his, we moved to Syracuse, in upstate New York. We have no children; we do have cats and two parakeets.

As a sideline of research for my second quartet, I began rescuing animals found in Manhattan's Riverside Park (we acquired one of our city cats that way). We'd thought to get a dog in Syracuse, since we had a house with a yard, but we had not understood what close proximity to a university meant in terms of students discarding their cats when they learned they couldn't keep them in their next apartments. Since our arrival we have come to feed strays, get them medical care as needed, try to find their owners if possible, and find them new homes if not. We learned to build inexpensive habitats which are placed in our (unused by cars) garage, on our front porch, and under the back one so the feral cats can shelter against the winter, and some of them we have taken in. Some even become characters in my books.

I hope to use this space as a place to think, as a place where others can come to express their opinions without others tearing them apart because they don't agree. My attendance will be erratic, given my schedule, but the door is open. I do reserve the right to toss somebody out if they tick me off.

Two warnings. I have a bad case of potty mouth. Everyone finds out about it sooner or later. Be warned.

Second: I have been on other fora where people have expressed themselves in a way that is offensive to the person who owns the board or to those who are there. Please understand: this is my house, and my yard, which means my rules. Anyone who trashes anyone else here, who bullies, who in anyway makes people uncomfortable here, will be warned twice, and then that person will get the bum's rush. People will treat one another with politeness and respect. You don't have to agree with everyone, and frankly, I like a good discussion. There is always the chance I will change my mind. But I despise bullies, liars, and people who refuse to learn the manner of civilized discourse. OK? With luck I will never have to do anything about these warnings. That would be a good thing.

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